Donation Requests

Here at 515, we live by the mantra "Drink Local" for a couple of reasons. The first being, there is a lot of great beer that is brewed right here in Des Moines and across the state. The second reason, and the most important, is that we want to support the local community. As a local small business ourselves, we understand the impact that communities have on small business and vice versa.


One way we support our community is through in-kind donations. While many of the requests we receive are for worthy causes and organizations, it is impossible for us to honor all requests. For this reason, we have narrowed our focus in order to maximize the impact of our donations.


Request Eligibility

We will consider donating to:

• Community Betterment (with a focus on the Des Moines metro)

• Health & Human Services

• Iowa Beer Community Groups

• Environmental Causes


We will NOT donate to:

• Political candidates or organizations

• Religious organizations

• Individual/private fundraisers

• Organizations without official 501(c)(3) status

• Athletes/Recreational teams

• Organizations with which we already hold a partnership for other events

• Same organization twice in one calendar year


Request Process

If after reading our donation criteria, you have a cause that fits, please do the following:


  1. Download and fill out our donation request form.
  2. Attach our donation request form and a copy of your tax donation form (if you have one) in an email to


  • We require requests to be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to your event. After we receive the request, we will respond as soon as possible with our decision.

  • All donation requests must come via email. Should you call 515 Brewing, we will direct you to this webpage. If you snail mail information about your donation request and/or include our forms it is unlikely we will respond in time or at all.

  • All donations are pick-up only.